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Small Batch Production

In an effort to reduce wastage, we produce our collections in controlled quantities with a pre-order model that comes into play when garments sell through. It can at times mean a slightly longer lead time, but we feel it strikes a balance between never letting down a customer or the planet.


We are happily open about the details of how our clothing is made, where and by whom, as we believe in full transparency. But we equally believe in inclusivity, designing pieces that suit all frames and ages from those in their twenties to a dear customer who bought one for her Italian grandmother celebrating her 90th birthday.


We proudly source kind fabrics that are recycled, natural or organic such as recycled wool and fibres that would have otherwise been destined for landfill. Where you see a yarn from further afield, such as New Zealand wool, there is a necessary reason behind it, like comfort, because few people desire scratchy wool on their skin.

A Celebration of Nature

Not only do our collections rejoice in nature’s fibres but they celebrate the British landscape in their colour palette too. Henny particularly looks to the woodlands and meadows surrounding her home in The Cotswolds, capturing the colours of wildflowers, springtime cow parsley and jolly bluebells.

Women Supporting Women

A female-owned business with an all-female powerhouse behind it, our team is one that is abundant in feminine energy, creating a network of independent makers who now wonderfully collaborate with one another outside of By Søren too at markets across the UK.